It's time that we all got to understand the benefits of the Green Deal.

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About Solarwise

Solarwise is a company set up to meet the challenges under the Green Deal and under the Energy Company Obligation (ECO); the company offers a range of energy saving measures ranging from central heating to boiler replacement, to cavity and solid wall insulation, to solarvoltaic systems. In total there are more than forty seven energy saving technologies the householder and business can access.

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External Walls

External wall insulation is where an insulating material is placed on the outside walls of a property (external walls) these are typically solid walled houses and ‘hard to heat’ properties. It significantly improves a property’s ability to retain heat by slowing down the rate at which the heat is lost through its walls. Another bonus is it can vastly improve your property’s appearance.

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Conventional Heating

Replacing an inefficient boiler can save you anything up to £300 per year.* This is on the basis that boilers account for 60% of fuel bills – therefore replacing a G-rated boiler for an A-rated one will have a considerable impact. All modern boilers are condensing ones which is what makes them much more efficient.
We offer two types of boiler replacements: traditional and combi.

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The Green Deal saves you money

You can make energy-saving improvements to your home or business without having to pay all the costs up front through the Green Deal. If you want know more then please call 02920 885994 to speak to an expert.